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Athletes naked in locker room

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Nigel Bradham suspended for the season opener.

If they're all OK with women in the locker room, great. Ann coulter lesbian. When the Golf round has ended, the players are paraded before the media and drilled with questions, after questions simply do the same for football - after the game, they shower, dress, and go and face the media that should all compromising opportunities Manage Profile Continue to SI. Athletes naked in locker room. And I suppose there can be no dress code for reporters because there's no dress code for the athletes.

Then she parlays it into plenty of national publicity for herself and her TV station. Ha ha you would have a better chance of seeing GOD! But of course, they have no real choice in the matter. Most reporters agree with me, male or female. As a whole, I loved every minute of working as a student athletic trainer.

These men are adults and professional athletes. Also according to Bleacher Report, Ines was "at the Super Bowl two years ago doing a very hard-hitting story on the size of the players' biceps That has been the way, and until now, the other side of the story has not been heard.

Rocky you nailed it. I find these reporters to be self serving with little to no concern for the atheletes, they subject them to treatment none would put up with themselves and since they control the message, they misrepresent the situation and slant the argument to serve their wants. So because Orakpo isn't thinking about then everybody else thinks the same way as him? Since people want to cry about locker room etiquette, the NFL should just ban all reporters from locker rooms period- problem solved.

The whole thing seems to me like a "work rights" issue. Magdalene st michael lesbian videos. That debate was settled about 25 years ago. One can't imagine such a rule pertaining to women's locker rooms—allowing male writers to see women as they traipse to and from the shower.

Athletes naked in locker room

So is it awkward for you? End this and the largest obstacle to welcoming women into male sports will fall by the way, and women in sports will be, as with all else, no big thing. DocHolliday September 15, 1: A bunch of naked O-linemen; you might as well have played the Jets and the Sharks [from 'West Side Story'] going on there. They shouldn't be upset or yell at them, even if they look like Fabio UndoTheDamage September 15, I have zero respect for their justifications. The locker room should be off limits.

I doubt very much that it will be a fair look at the topic. This coincided with women's struggle for various rights, esp. It is, in my humble opinion, as far from the reality as we could get.

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During the regular season, NCAA institutions can make their own rules about locker room availability, but during the tournament the NCAA has a uniform policy. How much money do they make? Absurd you say, would never happen. Fat hot tits. The usually misandric ESPN just released this video on their youtube channel: When the male and female journalists who are assigned to athletic locker rooms start undressing before entering, the current level of tension should immediately decrease.

Sometimes these lifestyles do become the norm, sometimes not. Sometimes the rules have to change completely. So right when you walk into the locker rooms, in West Chester, where we were, you have to walk by the showers. It means the locker room is a place where basic codes of privacy do not exist. Have you SEEN the alternate angles on the jeans she wore into that locker room?

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Survivor on January 21, at 5: Send this women to the middle east to cover a soccer game and see how see is treated. Athletes naked in locker room. These objectives are not incompatible. Either you make rules that allow privacy, or this crap will continue Be careful what you wish for.

You can see an edited version of the interview that blurs out all the inappropriate stuff by clicking here. Nude women being punished. Why is there a market or demand for women reporters in the locker room anyway? Since when do football players act professional?

If the NFL was serious about reducing the number of inappropriate comments by athletes they would increase the number of minutes before reporters are allowed in the locker rooms and they would do whatever it takes to minimize the sexual element.

Dark meaning of bubble-gum Pumped Up Kicks is tough to chew. The should use a media room outside of the locker room. And as we're getting to the second one, out walks Heller, who doesn't know we're coming there, but he's just finishing his shower.

Why would you leave that out? They could either give press access to the locker room for 15 minutes or so after a game, then shoo them out so the team can shower. The NFL lets the media stay until the last player leaves. If a woman wants to be taken seriously as a reporter in an NFL lockerroom, then perhaps she should dress in conformity with the generally accepted standards of professionalism, as opposed to dressing like some Hip-Hop Video hoe.

Sports interviews or otherwise. All you reporters especially female want to be equal in the locker room but yet I stand here naked and you are clothed.

When was the last time you saw a male reporter come into the locker room with a speedo on? I addressed this issue in detail in a 4-part article posted on The Cypress Times http:

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That lady is a sexist reporter! In theory this is fair and right. Colleen camp big tits. And those pioneers were like, no, we're going, we're doing our job. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Steele didn't cease to be a woman when she became a reporter. Thursday — Segment 1. Athletes naked in locker room. Ok, if there are people that think Inez's attire was appropiate, then I want to see Katie Curic do the evening news in a pair of booty jeans.

There's only one actually, women should have the same access as men. Top view tits Shows to much, kids are watching! The situation is confounded by the reluctance of men to complain; it is not macho to be modest or embarrassed. And women showed themselves more than capable of doing these jobs.

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FAKE NUDE PICS OF VICTORIA JUSTICE The athletes rights should never be intruded upon to meet their job requirements. When you're a professional athlete, talking to reporters is part of the job description.
Big booty brazilian girls fucking Sorry the athletes are not as professional as the reporters The decision is sometimes misinterpreted. Football is a sport!
Sexy naked people Then it became bad enough when you had a few females wanting access to locker rooms! So far this season we have missed out on the receivers and how they are working with the receivers coach.
Ebony girls pussy grinding This guy knows more about NFL locker rooms, interviews, the states of dress that players are seen in, and the feelings of the players better than a 9 year NFL veteran, who was also a top player at a premier college program for 3 years? It's not as if a player walks out of the shower naked and is surprised to find reporters.

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