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Going to a mixed sex sauna was not a big deal any more but I suppose this is easier for men than for women.

As you say here in the States, they share a little too much information about their body parts. The coffee house sauna smells like freshly roasted beans, there is the typical herbal scented sauna and an Asian spa. Gianna lynn lesbian. This sounded absolutely weird to me, as the sequence of drinking and getting drunk, being drunk and having sex, and having sex and becoming pregnant is not nearly as logical over here as it seems to be in the US.

The Germans are not hung up on nudity like the Americans. German naked sauna. When I started feeling faint after 5 minutes, J. People who are about to go to a nude German sauna and are panicked like a high-school senior a month after prom night.

Well-groomed, especially the ladies. The rule of 15 minutes use only like recommendation. They said they would never go naked because they feared walking around in an aroused state all day.

I cannot believe that I was now sitting fully clothed with the very same strangers that I had seen their and they had seen my most intimate parts up close! Although could also point out that Germans are uptight about other things. This is also for the showers; they enter the shower with a swimming costume.

Germany has beautiful sauna areas that have nothing in common with most American saunas. The rules are not fixed. Curvy black naked women. Sarah April 30, at 9: That being said, I loooooved my Turkish bath experience. April 28th, 27 Comments. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. We four got there early, initially having it to ourselves.

It is usual to take a shower both before and after a sauna, so, once you are in your robe and sandals, head for the shower, and, once you are feeling freshened up, head from there to the sauna, where there will usually be hooks to hang your robe. I totally understand J. Reply M October 5, at 4: Chatting away and full of anticipation we entered the female changing room. We just laugh off our silliness! Should I just take it off? Funny,but we almost got fine with my wife on a beach in Washington State just after for being naked-we dont even understand how the rangers got the signal,as we were pretty much alone on an empty beach few hundred meters in each direction,not bothering anyone… I guess some crazy American bible belt grandma got scandalized from seeing us naked from few hundred meters away …or something… Its a crazy country over there… I would not give away the Central and Northern European sauna and beach culture for anything!

Others are pure heaven. The sauna is not a sexual experience.

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Although Canadian, she lives in Germany. Cathy Sweeney April 28, at 1: It was rather hypnotic. Big booty brazilian girls fucking. German naked sauna. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Melissa — If you are looking for a sauna in Cologne I would highly recommend Neptunbad. You Canadians are so uptight about the body. Coming from the US, though, I find the concept hard to wrap my mind around.

We looked at the floor and tried to breathe out and relax. This room was more foggy than dark and had two stairsteps of benches, occupied by three members of our group: You can find her in the mountains on most weekends. Reply Emilio January 6, at 9: It was also fucking boiling in there. We Canadians may be uptight, but at least we are self-reflective enough to turn it into a little bit of fun.

It was the first time in my life I felt uncomfortable being dressed… It was horrible. Big ass asian girl porn. Would that be weird? Laurel December 21, at It is usual to take a shower both before and after a sauna, so, once you are in your robe and sandals, head for the shower, and, once you are feeling freshened up, head from there to the sauna, where there will usually be hooks to hang your robe.

Make travel plans, then write a story for us! Towels were furnished and we sweated in the nude not realizing it was a mixed sex sauna out of ignorance and because of language. I had a two-hour window before dinner. I totally understand J. Perhaps some of my readers will find your e-book interesting. Opening a European style spa in the US is probably the worst idea ever as it would attract the wrong crowd and expectations are set incorrectly.

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But I would have to disagree with your fiancee about being too strict about the minutes! I loved going there.

My last experience in Munich resulted in a great conversation involving me the American, a mummified Swedish guy, and a female naturist from East of Berlin. Why I call myself a multipotentialite November 1,

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Nina and I were approached by a fully dressed male janitor. Off went the towel, on went the water, and down the drain went my inhibitions.

Wish it was like that in America but you have to be a mature society with integrity. I prefer a hot tub. Mature big tits casting. German naked sauna. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Cnd shellac nude colours The next visit, it was a little longer and a little more frequent. Or, if she does consider wrapping herself in a towel between saunas, she may open the glass door boldly, and with an exuberant flash of European pride, whip her towel off for the crowd.

September 28th, 4 Comments. Laurel October 9, at 3: I see curves, I see a woman, I see sexuality, I see birth, and I see a gift. She made a point of stealing several long glances with smiles while we were all sitting at the bar — only we knew what we shared visually. I've lived in Japan, and I've spent a lot of time in onsen.

Then a younger guy energetically plopped down on the bench next to us.

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