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All it took was a simple order from Kinzie and the boss immediately complied without hesitation. Alexis receives a delicious punch to the face that temporarily leaves her in a daze.

Don't you know how to do anything right? She swore she would never, ever allow these next words to pass through her lips but then again she never foresaw herself being in such a compromising position again after Viola. Post naked pictures of yourself. Kinzie kensington naked. Introducing the Female Protagonist as Alexis.

They are, after all, exquisite legs, with the most delectable tattoos on there. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Kinzie kensington naked

It was strange to think that the two could ever be involved in something so serious but Viola understood her in a way not many could.

Help the Saints Row Wiki by cleaning up this article! Kinzie was appointed Press Secretary. Either you're not listening to me or you're just fucking with me but you better shut up or I'll drop you to the floor right now. Because everyone gets thirsty, right? And not long after, Kinzie finally gets to use that safe word she has, under which context the game never divulged she previously used it hence the dramatic license.

There was a strange feeling in the air now that the boss made her presence known. Kinzie Kensington also has a wide range of technical skills, [7] she was displayed as being a computer genius capable of "broadcasting [The Protagonist's] sub-conscious into the Decker user net" in order for The Protagonist to battle with Matt Miller.

Report this comment for review: Shaundi and Kinzie Cosplay Fuck You have Kinzie had warned that the Zin are about to attack the Earth but her warnings were ignored. Uk amateur milf. Kinzie stepped away from the computer and shyly turned her attention to the boss who was cautiously approaching her. Kinzie Kensignton is a redhead Caucasian female who looks to be in her early to mids during the events of Saints Row: The flesh under her fingers really is as soft…and smooth as she thought it would be.

Everybody teased Kinzie's questionable sexuality at one point or another, including the boss, but here she was experiencing it all on her own and it was fantastic. I don't have to be dressed for action every time I go out do I?

The President realized something oddly familiar about the connection she shared with Kinzie; it was very much like the one she had with Viola. The President wondered where Kinzie could be hiding in this vessel since she wasn't in her usual spot. The only other person who was on Viola's level was the one and only Johnny Gat. She has hair that is normally worn in a curly bun, and is worn as a ponytail in The Saints Wing.

Kinzie moaned and pressed her forehead against the taller woman's chest and watched with utter fascination as the boss came all over her thigh after a few intense minutes of moist friction.

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She was not going to last very long especially at the rate Kinzie was fucking her.

Alexis couldn't control her breathing. Butch lesbian haircuts. The boss never submitted to anyone as easily as she did to Kinzie who held a lot of power over her in this moment. Instead, the tone of voice she used was one laced with charm and confidence. Games Movies TV Wikis. Take Me Home Tonight 4. Kinzie kensington naked. What will you do next? Zimos was their competition, so the sisters locked him up. When Alexis began to slow down, Kinzie immediately pulled away from the President and forced the other woman to spread her legs even farther.

A collection of one-shots and drabbles that happen within the same universe unless otherwise stated. Kinzie is so distracted that she doesn't notice her hold on the controller slacken, doesn't notice her car on-screen crashing, and wrapping irreparably around a tree.

Ask questions on the talk page. Just as soon as the thought entered her mind, she quickly discarded it. Janine lindemulder lesbian porn. Shaundi was not going to allow Kinzie to take something away from her, not after what almost happened to Johnny. Help the Saints Row Wiki by cleaning up this article! Alexis found herself fiddling with an object in her hand for quite some time, not realizing what it was until she stopped and finally gave herself a moment to relax. It is becomes nigh impossible after she finally lets the boss into her inner-sanctum, after which the boss starts dropping in unannounced.

She is very paranoid about various things, but at the same time is right about many of them. Jealousy was a disease that could rot your soul to pieces if you let it.

Alexis finally submits, opening her mouth to further allow the other woman to explore it freely. Kinzie runs her hands up and down each length, taking her time to properly feel out the hotness.

When the two Saints finally disappeared from view, a mysterious figure emerged from hiding in the corner of the room. Later on, she wears a light blue Zin space suit keeping her purple hoodie.

No matter what though, she takes pride in the raw sexiness of her bare legs, as well as the elaborate tattoos winding their way down the length of either one; flowers and fairies on one, lilypads and water on the other.

In fact, she is rarely without her laptop. Check the Location to-do list for ways to improve Location articles.

Safeword - bedroom with a piano and a picture of a DeWynter sister. Mature women with natural tits. Or maybe she will declare that she's bored while lying on the couch, and promptly get up and start giving Kinzie a shoulder massage to which Kinzie will say "What the fuck!?

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