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I think my style would compliment your portfolio. Do people really think we have anything to do with stuff like that?

They consider the word Juggalo to mean everybody — male and female — and I defiantly agree. Sister has big tits. Blahzay roze nude. They all predicted way back then, exactly what is happening now would happen. This girl recently told me how she was mad at me and Joey because one of her friends was taking Hatchet Gear merch and cutting and redesigning it and reselling it on line. Cut to the present: Hazin Chief Chili Fry Maker. Everybody is totally free to be themselves. I understand the importance of representing myself while supporting the photographer's vision as well.

Male Juggalos tie their own dicks in a knot and receive mad props for it at the Gathering. Her ex was a rapper so she would write raps from time to time with him and his homies just to prove that she could do it to and she even recorded a verse on one of there songs. Lesbians having sex redtube. I texted her again 2 hours later and to my surprise she said she was ready! Add Credits "Lily is super down to earth and so easy to work with!

How sad and pathetic can a person be to want to spend his own money on something so evil!? I have often been told many, many times in my life that I have a big heart. This went on for like the last year. Her whole Juggalo crew had to remain quiet and to their credit, they did! March 1, at 1: I told her how we would put her up at a hotel near the office and pick her up every morning to record and drop her off with another beat for her to write to that night for the next song.

I follow my creative spirit and voice through photography, both in front of and behind the camera. Violent J The Duke, Baby! I'm a nudist at heart and am very comfortable with and loving of my curves.

She busted 3 different long verses. The bottom line is simply this… say whatever you want to say about Blahzay Roze. Not because she spit faster than Tech or had doper lyrics than Hopsin or anything like that. And we helped with some of the choruses as well but she definitely wrote every rhyme on that EP. I explained what everything would be like to the very best I could and she just kind of took it all in.

She was crazy hot in person but mad nervous. We went to lame ass Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner but we had a blast. Jul 02, Experience: She was stuck in a dark room smoking weed and playing video games and basically doing nothing with her life for the past year! Paid Assignments Only Shoot Nudes: I had completely forgotten all about it.

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If you ninjas only knew how far she has come in the last 6 months!

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I was flat out amazed. As soon as I joined Facebook I got bombarded with letters from Juggalos. Naked mature women stripping. She has been through some very, very serious trauma in her life. Straight up and down Juggalo style, crazy, horror shit.

She spit what I consider to be classic Detroit style Wicked Shit! She would go to them with her friends and just totally let loose and have a ball there. It scared me to death! I also have a contest this month for a piece of free artwork.

Who gives a shit! Just as predictably, if you have been following the drama at the school for the past few years, some students have freely if anonymously admitted that Linzey is not a popular figure on campus. February 28, at Violent J The Duke, Baby! We laid there on the bed and talked about all the possibilities until the sun was fully up and shining. Same thing, week after week after week. All I will say is that I offered to fly her out to Detroit several times to spend a couple days with me and she repeatedly refused.

I'm a nudist at heart and am very comfortable with and loving of my curves. I flew out to this little town I had never heard of called Lewiston, Maine. Tumblr average milf. Blahzay roze nude. June Read less And you know what? We are very proud to have her on the Psychopathic Records roster.

Not because she spit faster than Tech or had doper lyrics than Hopsin or anything like that. And yes, during this process Becky and I did indeed hook up and began dating. I love that our bodies can speak, our movements and energies can transcend through a single shot. Just a big, old looking, run down dump of a city. Not a defense for sharing a nude photo taken surreptitiously in order to shame an unwitting victim.

I am an optimistic soul, I truly feel that my purpose is to uplift others and challenge their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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Hot chicks naked sex So I guess our newest artist Blahzay Roze is causing a world of controversy. Damn, sometimes I forget how much the world has changed since we started this label. And so I cut them a deal.
Milf gallery amateur People have called her music uncomfortable to listen to, and I find that kind of awesome. Who gives a shit! We also talked A LOT about what will happen if we stop dating and right from the rip she made it very clear that she is in this for the long haul no matter what happens with us and she is a Psychopathic Ryda to the fullest no matter what.
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